Projects in development

The Sacred Seven

Half-Hour Dramedy.

When a Black bisexual priest is called to lead a traditional white church, she’ll only survive with the help of The Sacred Seven, her fun-loving, interfaith friends of 21st century soul seekers guided by their mantra: Love & Let Live.


Feature Film

When a young Black astrophysicist working at the Vatican Observatory finds pieces of the Black diaspora spread throughout the multiverse, she fights to protect the seeds of life and save the world from itself.

This script advanced to the second round for Sundance Institute’s Development Track.

Grief: A Comedy

Short Film

Cammie’s first day back to “normal” after bereavement leave is anything but as she dodges her coworkers’ well-intentioned fumbles – and outright failures – to connect with someone in mourning. Grief can be a funny thing.

This script was selected for Clutch Production’s EmpowHER Reading Series.

American Freedom

Hour-long Drama

Can racial reconciliation be America’s legacy?

A Brooklyn teen warps fact from fiction and dream from history, by unearthing her family roots in a diverse, long-forgotten, community of ex-slaves and other non-conformists to reclaim her future from America’s abusive racial legacy.

An interactive series.

This story was a finalist for Sundance Institute’s New Voices’ Lab and advanced to the second round for Macro’s Episodic Lab powered by the Black List.


Feature Film

A biracial lesbian drug addict from the projects in South Jamaica, Queens, New York must establish her sobriety in order to regain custody of her thirteen-month-old daughter from her abusive mother.

This project was selected as a finalist to participate in the Constellation Incubator.

The Thin Place

Feature Film

When her father mysteriously goes missing, a young Black girl sets off with her troubled friend to bring him home… only to discover the world and they themselves are not what they seem.

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